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Friend of a Friend

Published: May 10th, 2021

340 Pages 

When an investigation threatens his lucrative financial planning business, ex-lacrosse All-American Frank “Halftrack” Racker hires lawyer Joth Proctor, a friend of a friend, to fix it. Taking the case, Joth steps back into the seedy world of petty crime, strip clubs, fraud, and death.

Joth is presented with overlapping legal problems complicated by deceit and self-interested motives as friends and those posing as friends seek to manipulate both Joth and the system.

Friend of a Friend, Book Two, in the Joth Procter Fixer series: Relying on a circle of trusted allies familiar to readers of book one, Friends Like These, including chief prosecutor Heather Burke, unlicensed private detective DP Tran and strip club owner Irish Dan Crowley, and introducing Jade, an exotic dancer trying to change her life, Joth fights to remain true to his personal code as the careers and lives of these same friends are threatened.

Paperback: $17.95

EBook: $6.99

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