Photo credit: Michael Ventura

James V. Irving

Author of Friends like These, Friend of a Friend and, just released in January of 2022, Friend of the Court

Books 1, 2 and 3 of the Joth Proctor "Fixer"  Series are out now!

"Irving has produced not just fine detective fiction, but fine fiction:  he has an enviable artist’s eye for details both mundane and macabre.  The Joth Proctor Fixer series reader has a real sense of being there, even when no sensible reader would want to be there. "

- Raymond Smith, Professor of English, Indiana University


Friend of the Court, Book 3 of the Joth Proctor Fixer Mystery Series is available now 

Underemployed and burdened with guilt, Joth Proctor is dragged into a shady divorce case with criminal undertones when he is hired to help a prominent member of the community avoid a blackmail sting. As Heather Burke fights to stave off personal and professional disaster, Joth teams up with recently reinstated private detective DP Tran, but finds that only gambler and career criminal Jimmie Flambeau has the tools Joth needs to solve the problem. Once again, the price of justice is high.