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James V. Irving

Author of Friends like These, Friend of a Friend and, just released in January of 2022, Friend of the Court

Books 1, 2 and 3 of the Joth Proctor "Fixer"  Series are out now!

"Irving has produced not just fine detective fiction, but fine fiction:  he has an enviable artist’s eye for details both mundane and macabre.  The Joth Proctor Fixer series reader has a real sense of being there, even when no sensible reader would want to be there. "

- Raymond Smith, Professor of English, Indiana University


Friend of the Court, Book 3 of the Joth Proctor Fixer Mystery Series is available now 

Underemployed and burdened with guilt, Joth Proctor is dragged into a shady divorce case with criminal undertones when he is hired to help a prominent member of the community avoid a blackmail sting. As Heather Burke fights to stave off personal and professional disaster, Joth teams up with recently reinstated private detective DP Tran, but finds that only gambler and career criminal Jimmie Flambeau has the tools Joth needs to solve the problem. Once again, the price of justice is high.


Praise for the Joth Proctor Series

"Irving's writing is relaxed and authentic and takes readers inside a compelling world of legal and social issues..."

 – Bruce Kluger, Columnist, USA Today


""A welcome book for anyone wishing to escape their own world and dip their toes into a netherworld of do-gooders, procrastinators and outright criminals."


- Mark Banschick , MD, author of The Intelligent Divorce


"As an ex-prosecutor, I find Irving's book to be authentic, griping and right on point, and as a reader, I couldn’t put it down.'"


- Steve Moriarty, author of Restitution

 About James V. Irving 

James V. Irving was born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia (UVA), where he majored in English. He holds a law degree from the College of William and Mary and is a member of the bars of Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia and Massachusetts.


After completing his undergraduate studies at UVA, Mr. Irving spent two years employed as a private detective in Northern Virginia, where he pursued wayward spouses, located skips, investigated insurance claims and handled criminal investigations. In his early years as a lawyer, he practiced criminal law, which along with his investigative experience and trial work, informs this fictional account of Joth Proctor.

Jim and the "Friends" series in the news

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Jim colorfully describes his life as a 70's PI using pay phones, CB radios, paper maps, surveillance and his wits.

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Jim Irving's days as a private eye led him to write an acclaimed mystery series 40 years later.

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Alumni magazine includes "Friends Like These" on its list of must-reads for the summer.

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Mystery book recommendations and crime series reviews

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Jim speaks about his second career writing mysteries after a life practicing law.


An interview with James Irving about the keys to his writing success

Washington Independent Review of Books

Interview with lawyer Jim Irving about his debut novel: "Friends Like These"

Discover Your Talent, Love What You Do Podcast

Jim and host Don Hutcheson discuss his path from lawyer to mystery writer.

Something Something Podcast - A Creative Podcast

Hosts Erick and Larry explore author Jim Irving's life as a private detective and the links to his newest novel.

Radio interview with Mike Wagner

Mike talks with Jim about the road from private detective to trial lawyer to author of the Joth Proctor Fixer series of mystery novels.

TV Interview with Matt Nappo

Matt and Jim discuss how the adventures of a private detective turned trial lawyer led to the creation of a series of crime novels.

Triangle Spotlight radio show

Suzanne Lynn beams Jim’s story to 500,000 Central Florida listeners on WQBQ radio.

TV interview with Dr. Gene

Jim and Doctor Gene discuss life’s second chapters and the fulfillment gained by doing what you’ve always wanted to do.  

Podcast with Junior and the Captain

Jim, Junior and the Captain engage in a free form discussion of private detective adventures and Jim’s new career as a mystery novelist.   

Interview with Deb Kalb

Jim and Deb discuss the writing process and the Joth Proctor series.

Interview with Podcast host Adam Schull

Jim discusses the art of fiction and process behind he creation of the Joth Proctor  novels.


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