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James V. Irving

Author of Friends like These, Friend of a Friend, Friend of the Court, and coming soon -

Friend of the Devil!

Friend of the Devil - 3D Promo Graphics 2.png

"Irving has produced not just fine detective fiction, but fine fiction:  he has an enviable artist’s eye for details both mundane and macabre.  The Joth Proctor Fixer series reader has a real sense of being there, even when no sensible reader would want to be there. "

- Raymond Smith, Professor of English, Indiana University


Friend of the Devil, Book 4 of the Joth Proctor Fixer Mystery Series will be available March 1st, 2023

After gambler Jimmie Flambeau leverages Joth into a dangerous professional relationship, Joth and private detective DP Tran develop a high-risk plan to deliver chief prosecutor Heather from personal and professional disaster. As nerves fray and lines are crossed, Joth stumbles onto a clue to a decades old mystery - and then a ghost from the past intrudes.

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